Credit Lines, Proof of Funds, CD's, SBLC's, Bank Guarantees!!
5 Point JV-Program Includes:  Monetizing your Instrument - up to 100%
We'll help you structure the right Project Funding Program from A - Z!
Humanitarian Projects, Film Financing, Commodities, Gold & Oil Shipments, Buy/Sell Funding
Call: 312-525-0402
Learn How - Call: 888-JV-BANK-1 x101
We provide $$ MILLIONS $$ for Proof of Funds, Credit Lines,
Bank Guarantees / CD's / SBLC - FAST!  

We also Monetize MTN's, Bank Guarantees / SBLC's, Stocks & Bonds up to 95%!

Get your Credit Line through our Private Banker. We'll Provide and Monetize the Instruments too!

Monetization for Bonds, Gold, Commodities, CD's, MTN's, Bank Guarantees and SBLC!

BEST PRICING: Hard Proof of Funds - FAST!


If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

Thomas Jefferson

Convert and leverage to CASH your Instruments (BG, SBLC, etc.)

Are YOU fed up and frustrated with trying to get your projects funded through traditional sources? Are you sick of ALL the rejections yet? Do you have a BG/SBLC that needs to be Monetized? Ask how YOU can start funding projects through our JV Program! Learn how YOU too can "BE THE BANK"!

Ask us how you can get a $100M - $500M Credit Line and up to a $500M BG/SBLC for an out of pocket cost of only $150K through our JV Membership Program for YOUR projects.

That's up to a $70M Value!

Learn how to start funding YOUR Projects through a Personal Credit Line or one of our Private Credit Lines. Tell the Lending Banks that YOU don't need them anymore, and that YOU will fund your own projects!!

Once approved through our JV Program, one of our Private Bankers will set you up with a Credit Line through either: Deutsche, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, RBC, or HSBC.

Learn How - Call: 888-JV-BANK-1 x101 or 312-525-0402

Venture Capitalists: 5 Point JV Program could include as many as all FIVE enumerated points below:

1. Proof of Funds
2. Credit Line
3. Instrument (SBLC, BG or CD)
4. Monetization - up to 100% Loan to Value (LTV)
5. Project Funding (with JV Equity Positioning)

Access to our JV Program is for Members only and a $1,500.00 Membership Fee is required. To speak to a professional, call: 888-JV-BANK-1 x101 (312-525-0402) for your personal, JV project analysis.

Monetize: Convert and leverage to CASH your Instruments (BG, SBLC, etc)


For the Client that has their own collateral: 105% of the face value, with our “99 days” model!

Go ahead, add 'em up, you'll find it adds up to 105%.

5% within 72-96 hours of the Authentication, Verification, and Populating of his collateral to our nominated account; then 10% about 10 days later; then a further 15% at day 45; then a further 20% at day 60; then a further 25% at day 82; and a final 30% at day 99.

In fact, a good rule of thumb is the sooner the payout, the lower the LTV.

Note, also, that our standard turn-around time for most deals is 28 days from start to finish, but every deal is taken on its own merit and also the financial requirement for the Applicant.

Ask how to get a Credit Line to fund YOUR own Projects! Need a BG / SBLC / CD? We can help!

Ask to speak to our experienced traders for Gold, Commodities, Bonds, etc.

Our Members have Gold Mines in CA and Oil in Texas!

This is Your Opportunity to Invest or Own! Call the Club to Speak Directly to the Owners!


We Offer: (POF) Proof of Funds / Credit Lines / Verifiable Sub-Accounts up to $500MM!!

"Ms Jones,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance in obtaining the required Proof of Funds that I needed. I did not know whom to turn to...I look forward to acquiring your services in the future and I would strongly recommend your company to anyone.
Thank You, Jason Johnson"

Learn the POWER of a Professional Attorney's Proof of Funds Letter.
If you want your offers to be taken seriously, and be put in the front of the line; then,
YOU need to get the BEST - an Attorney's Proof of Funds Letter!
Sign up below to attend our Conference Calls and find out how and why.

Call: 888-POF-1-USA / 312-525-0402

We have Financiers boasting $30k in 4 hours.
Learn how to make 1% - 2% return on your money in one day too!
Sign up below to attend our Conference Calls and find out how.

Learn How - Call: 888-JV-BANK-1 x101

You too can "BE THE BANK" for:
Proof of Funds, Transactional Funding, Escrow Accounts, Down Payment Assistance

Proof of Funds, POF, Blocked Funds, Credit Lines, CD/Confirmation, Bank Guarantee, SBLC, DLC, Letter of Willingness, Sub Accounts, Escrow Accounts, Transactional Funding

Proof of Funds - Top US Banks. No credit check required. A POF can be useful in accessing opportunities not available without sufficient collateral. We are also able to allow the POF to serve as blocked collateral. SWIFT MT199 / MT799. (Proof of Funds is an instrument that is paid for up front - not at close - and is never based on the performance or success of the project.)

Transactional Funding - We are also your Expert Specialist for 1 day, back-to-back, closings. Use our flash funds as your 'dough for a day,' and fund all your short sale and REO needs, without using your own cash. Make us your trusted short-term, Transactional Funding Partner.

Credit Lines, BG's, SBLC's, CD's, Escrow Accounts, Proof of Funds – FAST - Globally
Escrow Accounts serve as HARD PROOF OF FUNDS for Certain and Specific Transactions.
Funds are held in escrow for a determined amount of time.
Upfront fees are required for Escrow Accounts.

Same Day / Transactional Funding: ALL Wholesalers; Bird Dogs and REO Reps / Managers Welcome!
Join the Club & Become our Rep!

- Securities Based Lending -
The Alternative to Bank or Margin Loans


Below Market Interest Rates -  Low RATE Program
High Loan Values - loan to security value (LTV) ratios up to 80%, up to 95% on acceptable Medium Term Note
Non-Taxable Event - the securities are not sold, only transferred and held as collateral.
No Credit Reporting - nor is it reported to public records
Borrower Retains All Market Appreciation - borrower receives the benefit of any dividend or interest and appreciation the securities generate during the term of the loan.
This is a Non-Recourse Loan - a loan with no personal liability or reporting to credit agencies
Loan Proceeds May Be Used For Any Purpose - personal, business, etc.
Eligible Securities Include - U.S. & Foreign publicly traded stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, cash backed bank instruments, and Medium Term Notes
Flexible Terms at Loan Maturity - borrower may renew the loan, refinance, extend the terms or pay off the loan
Prompt Response to Your Loan Inquiry - usually within one business day of receiving our Engagement Agreement.  Funds can be deposited into the borrowers account in three to five business days once the contract is signed and the transfer takes place
Minimum Loan - $100,000. USD

Get the "insiders" Scoop
Join our Conference calls regarding
 (POF)  Proof of Funds
Transactional Funding, Bulk REO / NPN / MTN!

Meet the Club's:

REO/NPN Asset Manager, Ronnie!

The Connection YOU Crave!!

Access the Institutional Level - Where Banks Trade/Buy/Sell!

Join our Advanced, Institutional Level for Buying Bulk REOs!
Get Your Seat at the Table with the "big boys" and get the BEST Pricing!  


For our Advanced Club Members Only!
Call us to find out how at: 312-525-0402 / 877-NPN-1-REO

Just: Click 'n Connect!

"Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for organizing this great call with Ronnie. You are right.
Ronnie is so knowledgeable and well-connected. He is a treasure!

Thx. M."

Ronnie is like an "REO Book for Dummies"! Cassandra

"Ronnie is the BEST"! T.A.

Fill out the form below to participate in our conference calls.

Learn how to purchase BULK REO/NPN properties or "One Offs"!
Nationwide: SFR/MFR/Commercial

Participate in our Personal ONE-on-ONE Coaching Programs and Webinars!

 Are Seasoning Issues Holding YOU Back?

Get the Insider's Secrets for Solving Seasoning Issues!

Be Pro-Active - Protect Yourself. Get the facts in advance regarding Transactional Funding / Same Day Closings / Seasoning Issues - before you start the deal and waste your time and efforts on a deal that won't close because you didn't know the Insider's Secrets for Solving Seasoning Issues!

Learn how, so that you won't have to worry about SEASONING ISSUES at the CLOSING Table EVER Again!  Call: 312-525-0402 / 877-POF-1-REO

Our Club now has our own trusted Private Equity Source which can do the following:

Specialize in 1 to 3 year, short-term bridge financing on performing commercial assets in the 48 contiguous US

$2MM-$50MM on commercial assets yielding solid occupancy and strong, current NOI

Terms: 65% to 75% LTV & fees

Charge NO UPFRONT FEES to review a proposal

They can close a deal within 30 days

$1MM and up to 75% on Multi-Family assets generating strong, current NOI
Will Lend on: Commercial Multi-Family, office, mixed use, student housing, self storage, flagged hotels, parking garages, mobile home parks, warehouse/distro/flex, retail w/anchor, and strong stand alone retail like CVS & Walgreen's

Why waste 4 grueling months on a "Short Sale" when YOU can buy "Wholesale" right now? Join our Advanced, Institutional Level for buying Bulk REO! Get your seat at the table with the "big boys"! Get the BEST pricing  - Exclusive - for our Advanced Club Members Only! Call us to find out how at: 888-POF-1-USA / 312-525-0402

Get Direct Access and the Connection you Crave!

Do YOU know someone who is struggling and going through a Foreclosure? If so, then connect them to the Private Financial Club's unique Swap a Home Relocation Program Today!

Private Financial Club has over 7,000 Investors, Buyers and Sellers Nationwide within their Underground Network.

Private Financial Club offers an exciting array of programs designed to meet your needs.

To find YOUR personal dreamhome, contact us.


Members Only

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Join Forums and Topics Regarding Investing, or Create your Own. Just: "Clict 2 Connect"
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Discover How The Alkaline pH Diet Works & Download The Complete Alkaline Food List

Wanted Immediately: 3 - National Communications & Sales Managers
with HUGE growth potential!

              As of Sept 11, 2010

GREAT PAY for the right person.

Must have background focusing in:

Business Development
Sales & Communications
Self-directed IRA's
Alternative Investments

Sales; Real Estate; Mortgage;
and Speaking or Seminar experience
a BIG plus.

Degree in Communication
and/or Business Preferred.

Send resume immediately to:
Yvonne at Private Financial Club

Call: 312-525-0402
Fax: 630-206-0733

Must be able to hit the ground running
and be able to work for and report
to a woman.

WANTED: 2 - Commercial Loan Officers - ASAP!

Applicant must be thoroughly experienced in Commercial and/or Hard Money Loans and be able to start right away. Call: 312-525-0402

Location is not an issue.

Join or Create a Club
Promote YOUR Business; Sell YOUR Products; Singles "Click 2 Connect"
Auctions & Classified Section too!

Hard Money Loans or Be the Bank!


Which investor makes a higher cash flow per month? The "Borrower" or The "Lender"?
Take our Poll: HERE

Private Financial Club welcomes YOU to the BEST Investment Club Around!

Where East meets West!

How do HARD MONEY LENDERS make a steady
11%; 15% OR even 21% return consistently on their investment dollars?

Private Financial Club Introduces:

YOU will have the potential to make anywhere from 11% and up to 23% AND MORE on your investment dollars.
Hard Money Lenders / Financier's are boasting an annual rate of return of 42% - 50%  
No Way. Really?! YES, Absolutely!!

We Offer: Same Day / Transactional Funding for all you needs up to $500MM!!
ALL Wholesalers; Bird Dogs and REO Reps/Managers Welcome!

 *DISCLAIMER: PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB is NOT a United States Securities Dealer, Securities Broker or U.S. Investment Advisor. We are NOT an MLM company!

We are a Club.

NOTE: All Investments carry a risk of loss. We make no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, Seller or Transaction. All due diligence is the sole responsibility of each Financier, Buyer and Seller. ALL properties listed here on this site or emailed and distributed through the Club (a.k.a. Private Financial Club or PFC) or its affiliates are sold "AS IS" and may have additional taxes and liens associated with them. Consult a licensed real estate agent, tax advisor and/or attorney before making any investment, purchase or sale decision.

The reader and or member hereby acknowledges reading this Disclaimer in its entirety.

Through our Club's Membership, you can Place YOUR ORDER - Name YOUR State; and we'll email properties directly to you. Our Leads are customized for either: Commercial, Residential and/or Investors.  ALL Club Memberships for either Financiers, Leads and/or Services are non-refundable.

The future of real estate investments cannot be predicted with exact accuracy. ALL properties listed here or emailed and distributed through the Club (a.k.a. Private Financial Club or PFC) are sold "AS IS" and may have additional taxes and liens associated with them. The Club makes no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, Seller or Transaction. Buyers and Sellers must do their own due diligence on each party; and all due diligence is the sole responsibility of and between each Financier, Buyer and Seller on each and every deal without exception. Consult a licensed real estate agent, tax advisor and/or attorney before making any investment, purchase or sale decision. It is the complete responsibility of each Financier, Buyer, Seller, Corporation, LLC or Entity to provide his, her, or their own personal Due Diligence.

PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB does not represent the properties on this site or within their membership emails as a broker or real estate agency. PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB is acting as a marketing company, working to match buyers to different bank institutions or private parties for their properties. Once a buyer and seller have been introduced, it is up to that buyer and seller to do their own due diligence on each party as PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB will not guarantee the actions or validity of either party or their property. You agree to receiving emails with special offers and other related items from PFC by having a PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB’S website and email membership.

PRIVACY POLICY: Personal information submitted to Private Financial Club in contracting for and using any Club services is protected by professional ethics rules. Client information is not disseminated to anyone outside the Club except in the normal course of business in providing services to our members. No client information is sold, rented, or traded. All prospective Club Members at any level are required to sign any legally required forms as well as any forms required by the Club including a Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, and Confidentiality Agreement.

We are a marketing and advertising company and do not act as a paymaster or take any agency position. It is up to the outside representative to negotiate their own pay with their respective buyer or seller. PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. If you join Private Financial Club or receive their emails, your are admitting PFC as procuring cause and your name will be registered with the owner of property. All information should be independently verified. Consult a licensed real estate agent, tax advisor and/or attorney before making any investment, purchase or sale decision.

By entering this site, and before becoming a member, you agree to have read the above disclaimer.

NOTE: All Investments carry a risk of loss. If you agree:



More Scams and Fraud on Wall Street - See the Bernard Madoff's scandal below. The former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market is best known as the founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC. He also ran a hedge fund that U.S. prosecutors said racked up $50 billion of fraudulent losses. (What a disaster!)


Private Financial Club will teach you how YOU can "BE THE BANK" secured by real estate vs useless "paper"!